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   Scientific and Research Laboratory of telecommunications network management systems (SRL TNMS) carries out research activities in developing solutions for the network management and service integration for telecom operators and service providers in convergence conditions of telecommunications and information technologies.
   As part of the research addresses the issues of integrated management organization in the presence of both digital and analog equipment, the most appropriate management system selection questions, as well as the management organization with the tasks of service provider business management and telecommunications equipment management problems were researched.
   The special method for integrated management systems design was developed in the Laboratory. This approach allows us to optimally organize the integrated management of networks for telecom operator in the real time network conditions, as well as development prospects.
   The results of researching are the recommendations for the integrated management organization, technical requirements for the management components and their interactions.
   In addition, within the framework of scientific activity, the possibilities of application of next generation networks (NGN) were analyzed.
   The basis of the research are ITU-T recommendations, state and industry standards on management systems, as well as the approach of next generation networks management, designed by TM Forum.
   Researching results of laboratory have been successfully applied in the implementation of research and consulting works for a number of regional and departmental telecommunications operators.

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