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   Telecommunication networks and services management Center (TNSMC) was established by rector order № 123 (07.05.2002) of St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications by prof. M.A.Bonch-Bruevich.

   The head of the TNSMC is Kostin Alexander, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, author of more than 150 scientific publications, more than 30 among them were in international publications.
   The structure of the TNSMC currently includes the following units:
  • scientific and Research Laboratory of telecommunications network management systems (SRL TNMS);
  • testing Laboratory of Telecommunication Network Equipment in the structure of Testing Center of Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (TC SUT);
  • certification laboratory of quality management systems "Quality-SUT";
  • the co-operative laboratory of Hewlett Packard and SUT - "OSS / BSS Laboratory".
   TNSMC units successfully solve the following problems:
  • providing scientific and researching projects on the management integration for the telecommunication operators and service providers;
  • certification testing trials and documentation preparation to the certification authorities;
  • audit and documentation design;
  • certification testing trials and documentation design for the system of voluntary certification of telecommunication services, telecommunication equipment and quality management systems;
  • carrying out of training within the cooperation framework with Hewlett-Packard laboratory.

Dr. Alexander Kostin

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