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   TNSMC organized for telecommunication equipment testing for compliance with the Public Switch Telecommunication network (PSTN) requirements of the Russian Federation.

   TNSMC is conducting certification trials in their workplaces and on telecommunications enterprises, using the means of measurements and tests that belong to TNSMC.

   TNSMC holds trials directly in the manufacturer zone for equipment and devices that have high weight and size, high cost of installation and dismantling. In this case TNSMC using its attorneys and certified measuring and testing instruments.

   TNSMC is functioning in accordance the Russian Federation laws and existing regulations of Russian Communication Ministry.

   TNSMC operates on principles which exclude the possibility of administrative, commercial, financial or other pressures providing that could affect the objectivity of tests conducted in the declared field of accreditation.

   TNSMC operates on the principles that exclude any discrimination against the applicants.

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